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Radio Spots

Podcasts, music streaming, and radio are still favourites of listeners. On the couch, in the car, or on the internet, your customers will hear you.

Listeners tune in every day to hear their favourite stations. This gives them a sense of familiarity and loyalty to these stations which can translate into positive awareness of your brand. We can help you fill these radio spots with your creative visions.

Commercial Spots are not only a popular medium on Normal Radio, but on online radio as well. Perhaps you have already heard about the influence of Spotify, Deezer, and other online radio stations and their ability to target specific consumer groups. No wastage, just appealing to customers with the right radio spot. We are happy to advise you on these spots.

C90 supports you through the entire process. From the first idea, through the distribution, and until the production is complete. With our own voiceover artists we have the right voice for every topic.


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Top service, fast and uncomplicated. (Anton Polinski, Gigart Filmproduction)


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